When is surgery necessary for varicose veins

Solution for this condition consists of natural home remedies, herbal methods plus some non surgical methods including laser ablation, sclerotherapy injection therapy. However these methods work well only in case there is small-scale varicose veins. When it is in case of large and significant varicose veins and whenever all of those other treatments fail, the surgical procedures are highly recommended. Surgical procedures are the final anticipate the  varicose veins because there are a number of conditions in which surgery becomes inevitable.

It is known how the incompetency of venous valves contributes to varicose veins. The leaflets of valves usually do not meet properly therefore the chances for your pooling of blood in the leg veins get higher. Circulation of blood throughout the veins becomes slower resulting in the stasis of blood. This stasis of blood in vein stimulates the formation of clots or thrombus which can be called as thrombophlebitis. 
This is a life-threatening situation because thrombus can easily dislodge and move in the arteries. The thrombus can get affected in vessels delivering to other parts of the body especially vital organs which include brain, heart, lungs etc. This may lead to sudden and complete blackening of vessels producing ischemia and necrosis on the tissue. Therefore in case there is thrombophlebitis the surgical treatment needs to be implemented to save one’s life.

When is surgery necessary for varicose veins?

Untreated varicose veins be responsible for many other severe complications. One of them is considered the formation of venous ulcers. Affected person is usually recommended for surgery in case there are indications of ulceration. Varicose veins do not let the blood to transfer back to the heart and so the high back pressure develops inside the veins particularly the veins of legs. 
This high blood pressure levels in veins damages the thin endothelial walls of the vein which in turn generates the inflammatory reaction by recruiting white blood cells to the location of injury. Because of the increase vascular leaks in the structure as well as venous pressure, the proteins and also other cells of blood leak throughout the endothelial cells into your extra vascular compartment. As a result this triggers the immune system of the body and the process of inflammation starts rapidly. Inflammatory responses do not remain confined to the veins but also promote the necrosis of surrounding subcutaneous tissue. 
Small area around ulcerated vein becomes reddish, swollen, and tender which is called lipodermatosclerosis. Patients with varicose veins and serious venous congestion are prone to develop this condition. Therefore if the patients experiencing varicose veins, presents with ulceration it will be important to start treating them surgically.

Small varicose veins usually do not contribute to much harm and they also can usually be treated by a few non-surgical methods.  Clinical indications for surgery in small varicose veins is aching and burning pain around varicose veins. When symptoms can't be treated by any other method then surgical procedure is the very last option.

Another clinical indication is internal bleeding mainly because in some cases the varicose veins expand excessive that they can start breaking. Accordingly in all of the these condition surgical methods needs to be requested the safety of patient.
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