Women, you should recognize what Perimenopause Symptoms is

Have knowledge of perimenopause symptoms and the way they affect you. In some cases the symptoms will probably be serious enough and  professional medical help, in fact a woman will experience it all out without medical attention.

The definition of perimenopause is the time where the female body starts to make its change in age-related infertility, or menopause. Decreasing estrogen is probably the most common factor resulting in the perimenopause. In this particular changeover, women usually start to experience symptoms on their 40s, and some begin as early as their mid-30s.

Perimenopause Symptoms

Several women experience few, if any, perimenopausal signs and symptoms. Other women may go through each one of these symptoms - sometimes quite seriously - and have a more complex time released.
Weight Gain

Excess weight during perimenopause is generally additional factor of age instead of menopause changeover itself. Hormonal changes, and so, cause weight need to be distributed differently and inconsistently make weight sit with your midsection.
Irregular menstrual period

This is probably the most common symptoms of perimenopause. Ovulation is unstable and some women could have months when they do not ovulate at all. The menstrual period is usually heavier several months and much easier during the other, or you can even skip your period for a couple of months or more.
Sore breasts
Pain in the chest, or mastalgia, is typical during perimenopause. A female's body holds water due to hormonal changes in breast type tissue making them enlarge and turn into sensitive and sore.
Hot flushes

The unstable hormonal levels can create a woman's body's temperature rise unexpectedly, causing hot flushes or night sweats (hot flashes that occur during sleep). They generally tend to come in waves, and may even be transient or result in discomfort for a long time. Length, intensity and frequency always vary depending on how far into the perimenopause you are and your hormonal levels.

Perimenopause can lead to insomnia. Sweating at night results in excessive sweating, often causing you awaken. Some women may wake to find their sheets soaked, while others simply may require a cold drink or compress for their head.

The environmental and bodily changes appear to be common factors that cause headaches and migraines. Once more, hormonal imbalances or deficiency of estrogen can result in enough change in bodily function to trigger a neurological emergency, resulted in migraine.
Mood swings

The imbalance and variety of hormonal changes during perimenopause can cause random mood swings, irritability and even depression in some. Sleep disruption brought on night sweats or insomnia is usually attributed to these mood swings, which are difficult for the mind to orient themselves properly when there is a lack of sleep.
Vaginal Distribution

Whenever you lose levels of estrogen your vaginal tissue loses its elasticity and may not be able to naturally produce lubrication. Sexual health is often unpleasant for this reason, and you might experience a decrease of libido. Reduced hormone levels and degeneration of the vaginal tissue may result in urinary tract and vaginal infections.
Reduced fertility levels

Menopause itself is the bodily changes that ends fertility in women. Irregular ovulation during perimenopause contributes to reduced fertility. In case you are still having periods, even though they are not regular, pregnancy is still possible. If you attempt to prevent this, you shoud  take precautions contraception until you have gone Twelve months or even more without having a period. After you have gone 1 year with no period your system has officially discontinued to ovulate.
Changes in sexual function

Your full sexual confidence and want may change during perimenopause. As vaginal tissue stops working and some women lose their natural lubrication, sexual activity may lose its earlier appeal. In case you maintained healthy and enjoyable sex life just before perimenopause, there shouldn't be extreme changes, even though it sometimes happens.
Loss of libido

Stress, disruption of sleep, decrease of the ability to produce sufficient vaginal lubrication and feelings caused by perimenopause can all contribute to a loss of libido. As vaginal tissue falls sex is usually uncomfortable or painful leading to women to stay closed to obtain it.
Decrease in bone mass

It's likely you'll lose bone mass faster when your estrogen drop. Your risk for osteoporosis may increase. A lot of women in perimenopause take Calcium and vitamin D in order to prevent impact on their bones and bone mass.
Fluctuation of the level of cholesterol

As women experience decreased quantities of estrogen during perimenopause their Cholestrerol levels, the "bad" cholesterol, increases. This will likely pose a risk for heart problems along with other heart-related complications. HDL cholesterol, the "good" cholesterol, decreases as estrogen decreases, which might lead to difficulties with heart health as well.
Urinary Incontinence

Estrogen plays a part in maintaining your bladder healthy. When your levels of estrogen drop or alter the bladder becomes less in control and you can experience urine leakage or bladder control problems. This  is certainly one of the most embarrassing signs and symptoms of perimenopause, however it is not abnormal.
When to see a doctor

Most women simply tolerate their perimenopausal symptoms or employ natural home remedies in order to alleviate them. The priority, however, happens when your symptoms start to interfere with your daily life. If your menopausal flashes, mood swings, urinary incontinence, etc., keeps you from being able to take part in the daily tasks that a job or social gatherings, preparing to visit a health care professional to talk about your alternatives as hormone therapy, herbal medicines, meditation, changes in your lifestyle (healthier diets plus more workout), etc.
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